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Very competent, caring and innovative health care professional. You will feel well taken care of by Michelle after each encounter.


Chiedu Nchekwube, M.D.


A consummate professional and a highly recommended natural health practitioner, I recommend all her services for those looking for the highest degree of satisfaction.


Maurice Johnson

Michelle's healing skills are amazing! Lingering pain may often be relieved after one session!


Rebecca Smotrilla


Michelle has provided wellness advice, PEMF Therapy and massage for the last two years. She is highly skilled, caring and professional. As a former gymnast and competitive athlete who is now in his forties, her expert therapy has allowed me to continue to exercise and function at a high capacity. Thank you Michelle!!


Dr. Nick LeRoy

I am happy to say I have not experienced any knee pain for 5 days since you treated it. The next day after the PEMF, I was  on my feet all day. My knee felt great. Usually it would be very painful from standing so long. Thank you so much! Truly an amazing thing! 


Irene Bradley

Annie, our 7 yr old Boston Terrier, has been receiving PEMF Therapy treatments & massage from Michelle since May of 2011.  We brought Annie to her because she suffered from a knee ligament that pops in and out since she was 1-1/2 yrs old.  She also snored, which is not unusual for her breed having a short muzzle.  For the next 3-1/2 yrs, she was unable to play with our other Boston, Mindy, go for long walks, jump, run, etc. Our vet advised surgery, but we couldn’t afford the $5000, or to put her down, which was not going to happen.  We were praying and searching for a holistic approach to her care, and we found it through Michelle.


Michelle is not only certified and experienced, but is dedicated and quite knowledgeable in pain relief and healing.  She’s also very caring, gentle and loving with Annie.  Annie looks forward to her therapy, even sits by the back door on Monday mornings. All I have to say is “Michelle” & she’s ready to visit her second Mommy.


Today, Annie’s a very happy and grateful little lady.  She’s very active, enjoys running around the house with her sister, chases our 2 cats, goes for walks, and just enjoys life. 

Our veterinarian has commented to us at each visit that she’s doing very well, and has advised us to continue with the PEMF Therapy treatments and massage. The treatments Michelle administers is not only helping with her knee issue, and as an added bonus her snoring has diminished significantly, but gives her a better quality of life and will also lengthen her life span.  We’re so very thankful we have Michelle treating Annie!


Linda Lauermann

Annie & Michelle

have been going to Michelle Mostert for many years and she has helped me with my various aches and pains with her massage and PEMF Therapy. A few years ago I contacted her to see if her PEMF Therapy could help my 15 year old corgi named Toby. Toby was unable to stand or walk on his hind legs. He just dragged them along. Because I didn’t have the vet perform any tests to determine the cause, he was never diagnosed.


After Toby’s first PEMF treatment he was able to stand and walk on all four. She came to my house three days in a row. On the fourth day Toby greeted her at the door at a slow run. Not only did he regain function of his hind legs, but he quit snoring and was calmer.


Amazingly Toby lived to be 16 1/2 years young, which is a long time for a corgi! PEMF Therapy gave my precious Toby quality of life for an additional 1 1/2 years!


I highly recommend Michelle’s PEMF Therapy and massage for you and your pets!




Mary Ann Cunnane

Toby being treated with PEMF Therapy

Toby standing on all four!

PEMF therapy was literally the saving grace for my horse May. She had blown her tendon in her left front leg. From this injury she had also developed a serious infection in the tendon sheath. After trying to heal her from what our large animal vet suggested without being successful, we took her to Purdue University Large Animal Hospital. At this point May was completely three legged and did not use her left front leg at all. The vets at Purdue looked at her and determine that she will need an MRI to see what is really going on inside her leg. The MRI showed that she healed the original injury of blowing her tendon but the infection was SO bad that even surgery may not fix it. Purdue suggested we put her down. They didn't think surgery was going to be successful. Putting her down was not an option, so we went ahead with the surgery. They cleaned out the sheath as much as they could and put her on heavy antibiotics and kept her at the hospital for almost a month.


When we brought her home the infection was gone but she was still three legged, we had a lot of work ahead of us. The vets who preformed the surgery told us that her tendons may fuse and she may always be three legged. They suggested that we walk her three times a day for 5 minuets a day for the first week and increase the time by 5 minuets for each consecutive week after that. We followed their instructions to a T and added some homeopathic remedies of our own. One of these "remedies" that we added was PEMF Therapy. Michelle was great, she came down to the barn every week and spent time working on May. May seemed to love the therapy because she always looked like she was going to fall asleep while being worked on. Each week that Michelle came down the leg was exponentially better. We continued this therapy until you could hardly tell May had been injured.


When we took May back to Purdue for her recheck about one year from the surgery, they were astounded. They preformed an ultrasound on the injured leg and found that the tendons had not fused and she had full use of her leg. They asked us what we did and we told them PEMF Therapy. Luckily Michelle had come with us to demonstrate to them what it is and explained why it helps. This therapy has helped her so much that we have been given the clear to begin riding a horse that Purdue wanted to put down because they thought she would never be able to walk again. PEMF Therapy was quite literally the saving grace for my horse. I would recommend this to any human or animal that has been injured, no matter the severity.           




Casey Shelton

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