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Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

Michelle Mostert

About the Therapist...


Michelle Mostert was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She began her holistic approach to healing both humans and animals in 1986. Her compassion to assist others is reflected by the many success stories her clients have experienced. She has vast experiences and certifications in numerous disciplines of healing including PEMF Therapy, Massage Therapy, Energy Healing and Nutrition. She has taught classes for the American Massage Therapy Association Indiana Chapter, and presenter/lecturer at numerous human and equine events, such as the Equine Expo Porter County, Purdue University Equestrian Club, Purdue University Veterinary School, and other venues. Please contact Michelle if you would like her to be a presenter for your group.


Michelle's passion to help others, drives her to expand her knowledge and skills as a healer and educator, so as to further enhance the well being of her clients. She believes that given the proper environment, we can invite the body to change by simply facilitating the client's own self-healing. That is what PEMF Therapy gives the body an environment to heal at the cellular level, which is where illness begins in the first place!

"Get the issues out of your tissues" with energy healing facilitated in person or long distance for humans and animals.

Michelle also offers Cupping Therapy which helps with tight muscles and soreness.

You can see Michelle at her office near Austin. She can also travel throughout Texas to your home, office or stable. Ask about home and wedding parties. Gift Certificates are also available for that special someone. She also sells PEMF devices to health care professionals and for personal use.


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